Coming from a small-town southern family, Bob’s parents wanted him to have a good education and a passion for public service. Bob graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in both undergraduate work and law school. Following college CAPT Bell served two years as an enlisted man in the US Air Force before being commissioned into the Navy where he served 30 years as a Navy Reserve JAG legal officer. In this latter capacity he worked on assignments with international impact far beyond what he dreamed of growing up in a small town and spending time on his grandfather’s farm.


As a civilian lawyer, Bob handled claims in 31 nations on 6 continents for iconic insurance companies including Lloyd’s of London. Bob amassed 32 years of combined federal legal experience on active duty, as a reservist, and as a civilian employee.


At 41 years of age CAPT Bell faced tragedy when he was driving with his wife and young daughter when a drunk driver collided with his vehicle. Sadly, CAPT Bell lot his family that day but four years later he was fortunate enough to meet Raymie who would go on to become his second wife whom he is married to today and had three children with.


Bob’s calling to run for Congress this year has a special urgency as our challenges continue to grow tremendously. Your help is needed now! Bob will work vigorously with the caucuses and committees inside and outside of Congress, fighting for your freedom and prosperity. 

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