How I Became Pro-Life

After suffering for several years, I met Raymie who was the founding executive director of a pro-life women’s pregnancy center in south Florida that was chartered by the Reverend Billy Graham’s National Christian Action Council... she provided me with pro-life Bible verses and opened my eyes to the need to save other children, especially the unborn, to respond to my loss and honor the child that I lost.

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Our Sailors

Today, an act of war was enacted by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the people of the United States. The very act which brought America it first war against a Muslim population has once again been perpetrated and just as we responded vigorously and decisively under the leadership of President Jefferson so to today we must respond.

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Bombing ISIS ?

If you want to bomb ISIS, use big bombers instead of small fighter planes. The bombing that is occurring now is basically close air support of some friendly local ground troops. These are pinpoint tactical strikes that have limited impact, damaging some of the enemy forces but not quickly and decisively winning the war, or shortening the war and putting the enemy out of the business of waging war against us, committing war crimes, genocidal massacres and other atrocities that they relish and gloat over. ISIS envisions a long war against us, and by pursuing limited responses against them, we are playing into their hands as they plan to fight us continuously unless and until we stop them completely.

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