Bombing ISIS ?

If you want to bomb ISIS, use big bombers instead of small fighter planes. The bombing that is occurring now is basically close air support of some friendly local ground troops. These are pinpoint tactical strikes that have limited impact, damaging some of the enemy forces but not quickly and decisively winning the war, or shortening the war and putting the enemy out of the business of waging war against us, committing war crimes, genocidal massacres and other atrocities that they relish and gloat over. ISIS envisions a long war against us, and by pursuing limited responses against them, we are playing into their hands as they plan to fight us continuously unless and until we stop them completely.


Our goals are served much better by a short very decisive war that we win unconditionally. Before we discuss about how many ground troops or whether there would be ground troops, let’s back up and do the math about the type of bombing that we should be doing to win this war and clear the way for close air support and ground troops to mop up what is left of enemy forces on the run after a real bombing campaign that is not hampered by political correctness. Instead of emphasizing restrictions and limitations on our forces, we should be focused on meeting and defeating all of the enemy forces with the help of our strategic bombing Air Force resources.

One of our B-52 bombers can carry and drop approximately 70,000 pounds of bombs. This is equal to 140 fighter jets each carrying a 500 pound bomb. One of our faster B-1 bombers can carry and drop around 75,000 pounds of bombs, equal to 150 fighter jets each with a 500 pound bomb. The B-2 Stealth bomber can drop about 40.000 pounds of bombs equaling 80 small fighter-bombers each with a 500 pound bomb.

Whenever heavy bombers are used, it changes the course of wars. Our earlier heavy bombers put the Nazi war machine out of business in World War II. Our B-52 bombers brought North Viet Nam to the Paris Peace negotiation table to sign a truce, ending American combat involvement in a war that was dragging on for years with no end. Our B-52 bombers were used again in the First Gulf War to carpet bomb the Iraqi Republican Guards in Northern Kuwait and Southern Iraq, clearing the way for close air support by smaller planes and ground troops that met little resistance to mop up what was left of enemy forces. After 9/11 our B-52 bombers were used in Afghanistan to facilitate a quick victory in collaboration with local forces there. Using our bombers is not over kill but what is necessary to finish a war that we do not want before more innocent people die and suffer and before more refugees are created by a war that drags on when it can be won and finished.

Whenever there is an ISIS related attack, we must retaliate quickly. Otherwise, there is no deterrent value in our forces sitting idle, and the enemy is encouraged by our lack of effective action. An FBI investigation may satisfy some of our curiosity, but it does not satisfy our need for safety and security. ISIS must be erased so that it does not continue to spread into other nations and to infiltrate and attack America.

Do the math and reduce ISIS to zero with the help of our heavy bombers. That is one of the reasons that we have the Air Force’s heavy bombers, to help keep us from being mired in years of vicious person to person face to face combat dragging on for years with no end. This lets the enemy know that that they cannot fight us as long as they want because we will quickly destroy their capacity to fight and attack us.

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