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  • commented 2017-07-20 14:07:23 -0700
    Capt. Bell-

    Please email me at I’m a scholar at a limited government think tank and a columnist at The Daily Caller & Newsmax. I’m working on a Louisiana-focused issue I’d like to run by you.


  • commented 2016-10-25 07:12:46 -0700
    Do you support Trump? If so please send links to web articles stating so. Thanks…
  • commented 2016-10-21 07:02:46 -0700
  • commented 2016-10-21 06:59:33 -0700
    Hi Bob. Hope you’re doing well. An idea. A blurb or short sentence to say you will do your best to help the animal shelters and rescues for all the pets affected by our several flooding events would go over nicely and garner votes. This is a fund I started after the floods in LA . I’m giving this to Trump also.
  • commented 2016-10-06 19:29:00 -0700

    My name is Luis.

    I am a first generation American, the son of immigrants, born and raised in this great nation. As a young child, I developed a fascination with politics, specifically elections.

    Since then, campaigns and elections are my passion, so much as graduating with a degree in political science, with an emphasis on American elections. In my free time you can find me watching ads, reading candidate statements, attending rallies, and keeping tabs on polls.

    More recently I have started to collect political bumper stickers. My collection started in 2010 and I have gathering memorabilia every election cycle since. I have collected from various parties and levels and have started a Twitter account to share my collection.

    I am writing in hopes that you would be able to send me a 2016 Bell campaign bumper sticker to add to my collection. In return, I will mention Bob Bell on my twitter account @politicalbumper, post a picture of the bumper sticker and along with a link to your website.

    My address is as follows:

    Luis Guitart

    1623 Bellevue Ave

    Apt 603

    Seattle, WA 98122

    I really appreciate your time and consideration.


  • commented 2016-08-01 13:10:07 -0700
    Dear Folks:

    With the massive amount of information that bombards us on a daily basis, it is overwhelming to try to keep up with everything that is being said in the press. For over five decades Metro Press Clipping Bureau has scrutinized every page of every Louisiana publication, from the Mamou Acadian Press and SB Magazine to The Advocate and Times-Picayune. We can email your clippings to as many addresses as you would need every day. We require no long term contracts, and we can serve you on a month-to-month basis.

    And we can save you money. The rates for our basic service are $75.00 a month and $1.00 per clipping, and we offer a $9.00 Early Payment Discount each month.

    In addition, we can also provide the following:

    Monitoring of television news broadcasts from the entire country

    Advertisement Equivalency Calculation

    Monitoring of the Internet, including print media, electronic news, blogs, etc. delivered to your e-mailbox each morning.

    We’d like to help you keep up with what’s being said in the media while saving you time and money. Please give me a call or e-mail me for more information.

    Thank you so much.

    Mike Ledet

    Metro Press Clipping Bureau

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