Balance the Federal Budget and End Burdensome Taxation


The federal tax code has more words in it than the Bible, and each of those words is designed to empower Washington insiders rather than grow the economy. As your Congressman, Captain Bell will work to reform the tax system and push for the adoption of the Fair Tax, which would radically change the citizens' relationship with their government. Under his plan, you would choose how much of your money you pay into the system, and you will see you entire paycheck before Washington steals what it deems to be its fair share.


Additionally, the establishment on both sides of the aisle have long neglected their duties to be good stewards of the people's money. Captain Bell intends to change that by ensuring that fiscal sanity is restored by passing a balanced budget amendment, so we don't leave our children and grandchildren buried under a mountain of unsustainable debt.


Strengthen Our National Security


Navy JAG Captain Bell, USN (Ret), has worked at The Pentagon and was National President of the Navy Association, serving as a volunteer, non-paid, elected national officer for a decade, dealing with Congress and The White House, helping the Navy and veterans. He worked on counter-terrorism issues for the Navy for 15 years and will work vigorously to protect you.


He will take this unique experience with him to the Halls of Congress where he will fight to ensure that America is secure from all threats including: violent Muslim terrorists, an expanding Chinese empire, a resurgent Russia, and Mexican drug cartels.


Protect the Second Amendment


Growing up in the rural south and being part of a family owned hunting and sporting goods store Captain Bell understands that the second amendment has long been cherished in America as the key to preserving individual liberty from both local criminals as well as those in the Capitals. When elected, he will oppose all legislation which restricts this fundamental right and work to pass legislation which gives national reciprocity to concealed carry holders.


Captain Bell Opposes All Abortions


The most basic and cherished of our numerous rights as free people is the right to life, but since the Supreme Court's appalling decision in Roe v. Wade, over 55 million Americans have been deprived of this right. When elected, Captain Bell will fight abortion - starting with the defunding of Planned Parenthood - and call for a special prosecutor to be assigned to further investigate this group which has enriched its leadership with blood money.


We Must End Obamacare


Captain Bell will fight to repeal Obamacare in its entirety, implement tort reform and crackdown on fraud in order to reduce medical care costs. Additionally, to reduce the cost of medicine in the US he will fight to permit doctors to prescribe any treatment which has been approved for use not only by the FDA, but also the EU and/or Canada and eliminate prescription advertising designed for public consumption and put an end to the practice of pharmaceutical companies providing incentives to doctors for prescribing their products. Lastly, in order to increase competition in the market, allow health insurance to be purchased across state lines so long as the insurance company provides an annual open enrollment period for everyone, regardless of preexisting conditions.


Our Veterans Deserve Better


As a veteran with over 30 years of service, CAPT Bob Bell understands the sacrifices our veterans make to defend freedom and has seen firsthand how Washington has neglected to fulfill the promises made to our men and women of the armed forces. If elected, CAPT Bob Bell will work tirelessly to fix the veterans administration and provide our brave men and women who have served the kind of care they have earned.


The Southern Border Must Be Secured


A nation without borders is not a nation at all. For far too long, America’s politicians have neglected their duties to the citizens and left America, during this age of terrorism, at risk. But it’s not just the borders; 40% of illegal immigrants are here as a result of VISA overstays. If elected, Captain Bell will see the end of this governmental malfeasance by pushing through legislation that would secure the border, establish a means of keeping track of Visa holders entering the country and ensuring they leave on time, and increase penalties on employers who hire illegals.


Gain Energy Independence


CAPT Bell understand that energy is both an economic as well as a national security issue. As such, having America gain energy independence will be a top priority for him. Obtaining this goal will mean millions of high paying jobs for Americans, additional revenue with which to pay off America's debts, and a major reduction in revenue to terrorism sponsoring states in the Middle East.


Fix the Traffic Congestion


Baton Rouge faces the second worst traffic congestion of any city its size. This increased traffic costs the average commuter an extra $1000 per year in gas that they could be spending elsewhere. We need someone in Washington who will fight for the infrastructure projects that our city so desperately needs. There are three projects which CAPT Bell will immediately fight to get funding for.


The most important of these three is to fix I-10. This federal interstate highway runs from California to Florida and it only bottlenecks to a single lane here in Baton Rouge. To fix this he will immediately move to close the Washington Street exit by the I-10/I-110 split. This will immediately and cost effectively alleviate a great deal of the eastbound congestion. The second part of his I-10 project is to add an additional lane to each side of the highway between the I-10/I-12 split and the Mississippi River Bridge.


Fixing I-10 alone will not be enough. We must need additional major thoroughfares through Baton Rouge. This will be accomplished by expanding the size of both US-190 and US-61 as well as eliminating most of the red-light intersections along these corridors by building overpasses. Businesses will be accessed along these road via strategic exits to service roads which will parallel these two highways.


Lastly, he shall reduce interstate travel through Baton Rouge by building a southern bridge which will give those heading to or from New Orleans an alternative route to traverse.


Reduce Government Regulations


For decades now Congress has been relenting to the Executive Branch it Article One duty of writing laws in the form of regulations. Radical appointees have used these unchecked powers to destroy industries, increase costs, and undermine innovation. CAPT Bell will work to reverse this trend by reducing the amount of executive overreach, reversing detrimental regulations, and requiring all new regulations to be voted upon by Congress before they are implemented.

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  • commented 2016-10-18 19:09:17 -0700
    Capt. Bob Bell is a personal friend and the best person for the job.
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