Our Sailors

Today, an act of war was enacted by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the people of the United States. The very act which brought America it first war against a Muslim population has once again been perpetrated and just as we responded vigorously and decisively under the leadership of President Jefferson so to today we must respond.

Without question under international law and American customs the kidnapping of American military personnel by foreign states is unequivocally a belligerent act of war. But Iran knows they can get away with such actions so long as Barack Obama is the President. Seeing as President Obama will take none of the necessary actions needed to remedy this situation and ensure that nothing such as this happens again today I am going to call on Congress to utilize its full authority as a coequal branch of government and carry our a thorough and public investigation into actions taken by this president which have led up to this peculiar situation.

The first question that should be asked of this administration is why such small boats were navigating in such perilous waters without proper backup from larger ships. It is well known that Iran has menaced these waters for decades so we should not have opened ourselves up to such a vulnerability.

The second question I would want to know the answer to is why our sailors were taken without a shot being fired. My immediate suspicion is that it is due to the near treasonous rules of engagement which President Obama has burdened our brave fighting men and women with which prevented them from defending themselves and our ships. I would like to know if our sailors were even issued ammunition for the weapons on their ships or if they were sent in completely defenseless.

Lastly, I would want to know if Iran is using these brave servicemen as hostages to further protect themselves from American or Israeli action against their illicit nuclear activities as they have been doing since 2012 with Pastor Saeed and others.

Allowing Iran to go unpunished for this is unacceptable as it will only encourage more actions such as this one in the future. If elected I can assure you that I will be America's leading voice for a robust military and will hold accountable any administration that does not do the same. Join my fight and help me "Defend America, NOW!"

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